Can I cry?

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I lost a lot of tears for you

but then it's just not enought

why you have to hurt yourself?

didn't you even know there're many people who love you?

Maybe it's just feeling but it's love 

even you never really feel it but it's love

How can I make you to know

That many people really love you

and they really hope only good things for you

Poeple who love you because of what you are

not just because you're famous

How can I send these feelings from them to you?

If I can do, I'll surely do it for you

and if anything can make you stop hurting yourself

I'm too, surely do it for you like any others will do


I just dreamt you have changed

I cry a lot, as much as I think I can't cry anymore

but then why I have to wake up 

to see the truth that, yes, you're already changed

to be someone who can't even love himself

It hurts me, more than tvxq is no longer

because I know, there're many reasons why you have to go in your own way

but at least you did it because you love yourself


It hurts,

It hurts me so bad when I see you like this

And I think it may hurts everyone who really loves you so bad

Can I cry, I want to cry but it's just not enough


Why I still have to love you?


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Why? I'm quite not sure..what i'm sure is I still have feeling for them.
All of them..

'Til the day we're no longer have any feeling for them,
I think we have no choice but to put up with it.

- -,

We love them too much..too much to make it stop whenever we want..
We may have to, little by little, decrease our feeling..
Decrease it from 'More than the air' to 'just a whisper'.
(I think we'l b just fine in next 5 years ^^")

I'm worry about Micky too..Only wish he realize what he is doing right now - -,
Before one day he looks back and regrets this.

Oh Micky's soft pink-while nipple TT[]TT~~~~~~~~~

*Don't know why...but I miss u more when I knew this..
It's strange but it makes me realize that we need each other more than we do.

Come to Bkk..let's sing our grieve away with Hikky's song >u<,,
I wanna sing Rainy Blue 55+ I miss JJ's Ha-Ha lyric ^___^

We'l surely have great time!!

*If u wanna cry, let's cry together..I'm free for you mostly everyday ja ^__^


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